Why Are We Here

Before coming to the Fellowship of NA, we could not manage
our own lives. We could not live and enjoy life as other people
do. We had to have something different and we thought we had
found it in drugs. We placed their use ahead of the welfare of
our families, our wives, husbands, and our children. We had
to have drugs at all costs. We did many people great harm, but
most of all we harmed ourselves. Through our inability to accept
personal responsibilities we were actually creating our own
problems. We seemed to be incapable of facing life on its own
Most of us realized that in our addiction we were slowly
committing suicide, but addiction is such a cunning enemy of
life that we had lost the power to do anything about it. Many of
us ended up in jail, or sought help through medicine, religion
and psychiatry. None of these methods was sufficient for us.
Our disease always resurfaced or continued to progress until
in desperation, we sought help from each other in Narcotics
After coming to NA we realized we were sick people. We
suffered from a disease from which there is no known cure. It
can, however, be arrested at some point, and recovery is then


Reprinted from the White Booklet, Narcotics Anonymous,
©1986, by Narcotics Anonymous World Service, INC..